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Commercial Trailers


We can supply an unlimited number of different trailers for your specialty field to any country in the world

  • Fuel trailers with meters, pumps and gensets to make them fully independent
  • Modular trailers
  • Skeletal trailers
  • Windmill trailers up to 56m
  • 200 Farm trailers for carrying sugar cane
  • Cement bulk transport trailers
  • Kit trailers that ship in containers

Case Studies

Kenfreight Group

Client: Kenfreight Group
Year: 2015-Ongoing
Key Points:

  • Seven 45M windmill Blade trailers
  • End to end service from sourcing, manufacture and delivery to Kinangop windfarm
  • One 15T x 6 axle trailer delivered to transport the windmills to site
Ongoing support with the tippers & spare part supply

LPG Trailers Kenya

Year: 2016
Key Points:

  • Custom design of top standard 3 axle LPG semi-trailer
  • Shipped our first trailers out of Turkey to Mombasa Port, Kenya in 14 days
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 3834-2 specifications
The trailers are the highest specification for this type of trailer running on the roads in Kenya today