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We help reduce expenses of companies by supplying highly economical prefabricated




For the last 12 years, we have supplied 75,000 sq.m of prefabs, flat packs, modular and pre-engineered houses to 385 companies operating in mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, residential, hospitality and government industries

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Entry Level

Ideal for worker/staff camps, low income or emergency housing

Low cost yet durable flat packed panel construction shipped in containers. Simple post and panel system built on RC slabs or suspended floors.

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Flat Pack

The best option for schools, camps and clinics

Standard construction packed to minimize logistics costs. Very quick install with limited skills required.

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Fold It

Perfect for resource camps, remote area sites, hospitality, and residences.

Portable construction with flat packed walls, high quality finishes in each unit. Very efficient to haul. Quick erection on site.

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An affordable solution for worksite camps, residential and hospitality needs.

One-size-fits all pre-assembled steel frame construction designed to comply with worldwide building codes and minimize onsite installation times.

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An excellent selection for a portable warehouse, hangar, canteen, workshop, or factory.

Steel frame buildings pre-engineered and prefabricated in the factory for assembly on site.

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Furnishings & Fittings

Prefab structures aren't complete without wiring and plumbing. ​

Our buildings come with built-in power/water fixtures, and other products required to decorate and furnish the buildings.


Cheaper, effective, and faster to set up.

75% lower shipping costs

Excellent shipping efficiency thanks to modular design leads to average savings of 75% in shipping costs.

Minimal assembly and machinery required

A 30 sqm office space can be up and ready in 48 hours with the help of a small crane and just 2 semi-skilled workers.

Flexible configurations to suit every need

A temporary office space? A dormitory? The advantage of steel-frame modular buildings is they are adaptable to you. Walls are interchangeable to alter as conditions or needs change.

Time and cost effective

Between faster/cheaper shipping, plus quicker assembly time, a prefabricated building is the best choice for remote accommodation, drilling/fly camps, or temporary office space.

No hidden costs

You pay one price: no extra fees or charges for doors, windows, wiring, the roof, or anything else.


We have a full range of plans and specifications for prefabricated buildings, offices, worksite accommodation and modular housing that we constantly modify and expand based on clients needs and requirements


Years of experience across 4 continents give us a deep understanding of your needs.


For last 12 years, our team helped reduce operating expenses by up to 50% of 385 companies by supplying 75,000 sqm of highly economical prefab buildings for various heavy industry, education, government and hospitality projects.


Our broad network of agents across 15 locations in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australia gives us the absolutely shortest time range to produce, ship, and construct your order.


We combine modern technology with precise off-site assembly line production. Modular units constructed in our plant concurrent with site works and foundation construction reduce project times and alleviate budgeting woes.


Our products and components are factory tested, ISO 9001 certified, international standards compliant (SABA, BS, AS/NZ to name a few) and depending on the requirements can be engineered to withstand even greater stress levels.


Our customers are our inspiration. A full spectrum of amazing companies trust us with supplying outstanding solutions for them.


A full spectrum of incredible companies worldwide use our prefabricated buildings for a wide array of applications.

Angola Staff Camp

Country: Angola
Project: Housing for staff and families
Size: 6300 sqm, 400 houses

  • Turnkey project: houses, offices, canteen
  • All internal fittings and furnishings
  • Project support and training
  • Personal hands-on management

Qatar Office

Country: Qatar
Project: Office blocks
Size: 2500 sqm, 8 Office Blocks, 182 Units

  • Flat-packed with interior wiring
  • Ready for use within a month after delivery
  • Our technical staff onsite for implementation management
  • Met Qatar's stringent Kahraama regulations

Newman Camp

Country: Kenya
Project: Mining accommodation and recreation rooms
Size: 4500 sqm, 288 rooms

  • Delivered in modular format
  • Fully furnished and compliant with Australian living standards
  • Featured luxury 2-bedroom suites and standard dormitories for executive staff
  • Included gym, canteen, and laundry


Tell us about your project needs and location. We reply to all queries within 24 hours.