We supply all things related to Liquefied Petroleum Gas equipment to businesses in Africa
LPG Solutions for Your Business


For the last 12 years, we have been helping energy and petrochemical companies reduce procurement expenses by managing the supply chain of oil and gas equipment from emerging markets and minimising risks related to it. Being one of the leading suppliers of LPG equipment to Africa's businesses, we have supplied semi-trailers, cylinder manufacturing equipment, LPG bullets, materials for bulk storage installations and installed filling stations, handling every stage in the process from procurement to shipping.

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LPG Semi-trailers, Bobtails, Cylinder transport trucks​

Transportation solutions for the movement and delivery of LPG

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LPG Storage Tanks and Materials for Bulk facilities​

Gas, fuel and petroleum tanks and other steel heavy-duty material.

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Cylinders and Spare Parts

LPG Cylinders, accessories, valves, burners, regulators​

Supply of all components relating to retailing and consumer supply of LPG

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LPG Cylinders Manufacturing Equipment

Complete Factory lines, individual machines and spare parts

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Filling Station

LPG Cylinder Filling Plants and Machine​s

Containerised, skid, carousel and other solutions for shipment and assembly


East Africa is a growing market, with demand increasing annually by 13.3 % over the last 15 years.


Collaboration from local governments has seen LPG demand grow annually per capita from 2kg – 15kg. With the hope of replacing kerosene from the consumer market within the next 10 years.


LPG represents a cleaner alternative to solid fuels and kerosene in the short-term, and a promising transition fuel for countries transitioning to modern fuel-burning technologies in the long-term.


The surge of LPG in consumer households over next three years translates into a substantial demand hike for LPG cylinders, related cooking accessories, dense transportation and storage network.


Investment opportunities into LPG related manufacturing, storage and distribution equipment include:

  • Cylinders import, production or refining
  • Gas Filling and Wholesale
  • Bulk storage and transport
  • Retail and Consumer supply


LPG Source Supply relies on a global supply chain and quality management to deliver the best service in the industry. We are your partner of choice for project design, manufacturing & installation of turnkey LPG Cylinder plants and LPG storage systems.

Globally-Sourced Supply Chain

We work with hundreds of international suppliers to find equipment best-suited for your needs. Whether it's a steel plant in China or a factory in Germany that makes a certain valve, we have the contacts and experience to find the best deal while managing cost, time, and quality risks. The advantage of our global supply network is that we can build a supply chain that comes to you, not the other way around.

Extreme Vetting

We vet supplies, inspect goods, arrange transport, shipping and customs. All of our partners―from manufacturers to shipping companies―have passed background checks. We take the security of your product very seriously, and that's why we ensure that every step from manufacturing to delivery is covered. In case of any incidents we carry insurance with sufficient valuations to cover lost capital.

Help From Start to Finish

We provide implementation support, maintenance and spare parts. Whether a job is big or small, we will be with you every step of the way. You'll have access to round-the-clock updates on manufacturing turnarounds, be able to track shipments as they cross the globe, and hear from us until the job is done. Our customer service staff are pleased to answer any questions you have.


We have completed hundreds of sourcing projects for some of the world's biggest energy companies.


Our clients expect the best, and we are proud to deliver.

LPG Semi Trailers

  • Manufactured and shipped 10 custom designed 50m3, 3 axle LPG container semi-trailers.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 3834-2 specifications.
  • Manufactured in Ankara, Turkey. The trailers were shipped to Mombasa Port in 14 business days.

Cylinder Manufacturing Equipment

  • Manufactured and shipped factory equipment for the manufacture of (200 pieces per hour) LPG Cylinders (6,13 and 50KG).
  • Automated and semi-automated process. Equipment included blanking line, press, and painting line.
  • Designed, tested, inspected and assembled onsite.

Filling Stations

  • Manufactured and shipped containerised and carousel LPG filling equipment to Kenya.
  • Equipment included electronic filling scales, conveyor system, firefighting and alarm systems, storage tanks.
  • Installation onsite, testing and training included.


Ask your question or briefly describe project needs. We reply to all queries within 24 hours