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New Governmental LPG Framework:
A new dawn for manufacturing investment

New Governmental LPG Framework: A new dawn for manufacturing investment Kenya’s new LPG master plan geared at ousting the household use of harmful and environmentally hazardous toxic fuels (kerosene and wood) is gaining full thrust as the Mombasa Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Terminal featuring bulk LPG receiving, storage and redelivery facilities, is set to be launched end this month.

The governmental LPG growth programme seeks to intensively increase the supply of and annual per capita demand for cooking gas from 2 – 15kg while ultimately withdrawing kerosene from the consumer market within the next 36 months.

The promoted surge of LPG in consumer households over the next three years translates into a substantial hike in demand for LPG cylinders and related cooking accessories as well as a dense countrywide transportation and storage network.

This gives rise to attractive investment opportunities into LPG related manufacturing (cylinders and other accessory equipment) and distribution (storage, distribution logistics, etc.)

LPG turnkey solutions

Source Supply with its renowned global network in supply chain and quality management is your partner of choice for project design, manufacturing and installation of turnkey LPG Cylinder plants, LPG storage systems as well as the delivery of top, custom designed and ISO certified LPG semi-trailers to Kenya.

We offer turnkey solutions for a variety of consumer and industrial cylinder types including:

  • Body production lines
  • Foot and collar ring production lines
  • Valve and gas regulator production lines
  • Degreasing units
  • Welding lines
  • Heat treatment units
  • Hydrostatic test units
  • Surface preparation and coating lines
  • Test and valve assembly lines
  • Quality control & test machinery and equipment
  • Transferring systems
  • All auxiliary production equipment

Grasp this investment opportunity to cash in on the foreseeable growth in demand for LPG not only in Kenya but throughout East Africa.

LPG Cylinder Production Trimming and Beading Machine

LPG Cylinder Deep Drawing Press

LPG Cylinder Quality Controls

LPG Cylinder Painting Line

Some more related LPG facts:

  • LPG is one of the most common alternative sources of energy in the world; both domestic and industrial. It is produced from associated petroleum gas which constitutes of pure gases or special mixtures that can be used for cooking, heating buildings, production of petrol chemicals or as motor fuel.
  • It is estimated that 87% of Kenyans use solid fuels for cooking while 5% use kerosene meaning that only less than 5% of Kenyans use LPG as their primary cooking fuel.
  • The government is now targeting to withdraw kerosene from the market within 36 months, by which time LPG availability and affordability targets are expected to be achieved.
  • LPG and its appliances (cylinders, regulators and burners) will be tax free, a move by the government geared towards making LPG affordable.

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