Fuel Items



We regularly work with and supply several fuel companies and construction companies that need to transport and control their fuel. We can supply an unlimited number of different fuel items to meet your operational needs.

  • Fuel pipes – API and to your specific requirements
  • Fuel seals – made to your numbered sequence and with your security features
  • Fuel pumps
  • Fuel meters
  • Fuel tankers and trucks
  • Off road 6x6 fuel trucks
  • Fuel valves
  • ISO fuel tanks
  • Inflatable fuel bladders
  • Gensets
  • Steel and all pipes and valves for the construction fuel tanks
  • JET A1 fuel transport trucks

Case Study

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Client: Oryx Kenya
Year: 2015
Key Points:

Scope of work: Visual quality and quantity check, packing and marking.
We have signed a contract to supply one of the regions biggest fuel suppliers with seals - these are serialized and used to prevent fuel from being illegally discharged

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