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    2nd Quarter 2016 Projects

    • LPG Trailers, Kenya

      We shipped our first trailers out of Turkey in January 2016 for a customer in Kenya. We were tasked with sourcing the highest specification LPG trailers and approached approximately 10 manufacturers in Turkey and were involved in the design process. View case study

    • Prefabricated Camp - Achwa, Uganda

      Source Supply in the beginning of May 2015, was contracted with the design, material sourcing and delivery of a prefabricated workers' camp to be constructed in the northern region of Uganda for a 10-MW hydro project along Achwa River. More case studies

    • Gas Petro Bulk, Kenya

      We have supplied all the equipment for the assembly of an edible oil storage facility in the Mombasa port. This is the biggest facility in Kenya that allows ships to discharge directly from their birth. View case study

    • Oryx Kenya, Fuel Seals

      We have signed a contract to supply one of the regions biggest fuel suppliers with seals - these are serialized and used to prevent fuel from being illegally discharge. More case studies

    • Terrain Services Kenya Ltd.

      Supplied construction equipment including rollers and fencing for a project in Northern Kenya. Our scope included clearing and delivering to site. More case studies



    We opened a new branch in Nairobi, Kenya to service our clients in the nearby region. Nairobi has risen economically over the years to be the hub of development in East Africa. The office is on 13th floor, Tower 2, Delta Corner Towers, Chiromo Rd, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

    The office is already operational with our regional manager, Paul Williamson, overseeing the ongoing projects. One of our most recent completed projects in Kenya was sourcing the highest specification LPG trailers from Turkey.

    We approached approximately 10 manufacturers in Turkey and were involved in the design process. The trailers were custom designed 3 axle LPG container manufactured in Ankara and shipped to Mombasa Port within 14days. The new office will not only service more projects going on in Kenya but also the neighboring countries like Uganda.

  • Source Supply open satellite office for Rwanda & Burundi


    Source Supply has been procuring for and supplying operators in Rwanda & Burundi for over 8 years. With mega power projects in the region scaling up, SSL has this April opened a satellite office in Rwanda to meet the increasing logistics & supply chain demand.

    Dissolved in Lake Kivu's deep waters, at a scale not seen anywhere else on Earth, are billions of cubic meters of methane and carbon dioxide, which result from nearby volcanic activity.


    KivuWatt, a $200 million large-scale gas-to-power facility and the only industrial-scale plant of its kind in the world, was inaugurated on January 1st this year. KivuWatt draws up water from an offshore barge, siphons off the methane, and pipes it to a 26-megawatt power plant on shore.

    This venture will in the coming years be joined by a series of similar ventures driving capacity up to 100 megawatts. Source Supply with a rising demand in logistics and supply chain management has this April opened a satellite office in Rwanda.

    Contact our new regional office for warehouses, trucks, steel, PPE, engineering goods and construction materials as well as all your procurement needs on:


  • Source supply joins the fight against Zika


    Cases of the mosquito-borne virus, Zika, have been declared in 21 of the 55 Latin American and Caribbean countries so far. Source Supply with it's fast response procurement network is now joining the fight against the virus.

    Health experts are unsure why the virus, transmitted by the Aedesaegypti mosquito, and first detected in Africa in 1947 but unknown in the Americas until 2015, is spreading so rapidly in Brazil and neighboring countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the virus will spread and possibly reach all territories in the Americas.

    Source Supply is now a supplier of Icaridine, a chemical that is essential ingredient in insect repellents that is recommended by WHO for protection against mosquitoes that carry diseases. Generally, repellents containing a higher percentage of the active ingredient provide longer-lasting protection and Source Supply have Icaridine in its purest form, i.e. 97%.


    Icaridine, the official name approved by the UN health agency, also has a broad effectiveness against various insects.

    Icaridine repels mosquitoes and is effective for up to 14 hours as a lotion and 12 hours as a spray. It is virtually colorless and odorless with a mild citrus scent that fades quickly.

    Unlike other repellents, Icaridine does not pulverize plastics or harm your gear, equipment or clothing. According to the WHO, Icaridine demonstrates excellent repellent properties comparable to, and often superior to other known repellents.

    Toxicity tests done on Icaridine show that it does not carry the same neurotoxicity concerns as other popular repellents making it a great alternative. It is also less likely to cause skin irritation and does not feel greasy to the skin.


  • the Source Supply Pipeline

    The Source Supply Pipeline - Track & Trace your consignment's specs and documentation from anywhere, anytime

    In the global economy, raw materials and manufacturing is often done in one part of the world, while the finished product is warehoused and consumed in another. As goods travel the globe, there is need for easy access to core product information and updates between the source of the goods and their destination.

    The Source Supply Pipeline – the comprehensive Relations Management system designed by Source Supply - has extensively eased the efficiency in the procurement process for clients and the company alike. The Pipeline is a vital resource for the management of all your procurement needs virtually from any region. The online system allows the user to log on at any time, track goods and also stay updated on all the proceedings including documentation. Whilst providing maximum control over goods in transit the Pipeline also represents a key asset in quality control as well as the overall supply chain management process securing efficient maintenance, stock management and spare part delivery.


    The key features of Source Supply's pipeline include:

    • This collaborative hub ties-in all the documents, waybills, payments, invoices and clients input.
    • The system works with the varying time zones allowing an non-confusing access on goods status, necessary documentation, photos and records real time.
    • Staff at loading avenues and factories can access all data; who they need to deal with, the specifications of the goods being purchased, and any additional specifications demanded by the clients.
    • Agents working with clients can also see the results live on the loadings. For more convenience, the“Source Supply Pipeline” can be integrated with your email where it immediately notifies you of important updates and new documentation!


    Take a Source Supply 'Pipeline' tour. Contact us and we shall be more than ready to introduce it you. Even better, you can source with us and experience it!


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    Source Supply: The importance of the human interface in supply chain management

    Bridging the Cultural Gap

    Globalization creates the belief that everything can be had at a click of a button, and that it is possible to operate from any part of the world while relying on the same rules as those used back home.

    Source Supply has operated in over 50 countries and with over 20 years of experience we are well familiarized with each country's way of doing business, their culture, laws, local customs, political and economic environment as well as their national holidays. All these play into how we are able maximize efficiency with regard to our operations.


    Cultural differences can, for example, ​influence perceptions of time, which in turn, can affect the day-to-day procurement and supply chain scheduling as well as delivery deadlines, especially where language barriers or the way in which business is done, are different.

    Being able to break the barriers of culture and language, is key to eliminating future problems that would introduce hidden obstacles and resistance from potential business partners​ and clients.​

    The ability to understand and interact effectively with people from different cultures, plays into how easy or laborious ​y​our operations will go. ​ It also plays into your profits.​​ It is difficult to convince someone from a different culture to do business with you unless they respect you​, and part of the respect comes from ​​your efforts to learn and understand their culture.

    As a client, you want to take advantage and outsource procurement to someone with all these experience and influence and capitalize on their benefits.

    In addition to our ​cultural competence​, ​Source Supply also has accessibility to large global markets, great pricing leverage from handling huge contracts as well as the technological advantage of knowing the latest innovations in the market for your business or company needs.