Ken Group


Client: Kenfreight Group
Year: 2015-Ongoing
Key Points:

  • Seven 45M windmill Blade trailers
  • End to end service from sourcing, manufacture and delivery to Kinangop wind farm
  • One 15T x 6 axle trailer delivered to transport the windmills to site
  • Ongoing support with the tippers & spare Part supply.

Kenfreight asked Source Supply to source and supply windmill blade trailers with over 17 offices, 300 employees & 58 destinations, Kenfreight is a premier transports logistics provider in East Africa - with a sizable share of the freight handling market in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and Southern Sudan.

Kenfreight is delivering 38 windmills from the Port of Mombasa to the Kinangop site near Naivasha. A cargo comprising 269 out-of-gauge components + 4,000 m3 of accessories.


For Source Supply to

  • Source and supply suitable trailers for carrying 50-meter windmill blades Tower sections and the delicate nacelles.
  • Maintain full equipment backup
  • Provide assistance and support

Source Supply commissioned to purchase the trailers. Next Source Supply arranged:

  • Manufacture
  • Inspection
  • Delivery to the port
  • Customs clearance
  • Loading and shipping to Mombasa
  • To ensure communication for support and sourcing spares

Seven 45m Blade trailers and one 15T x 6 axle trailer delivered to Kenfreight to help transport the windmills to site. Ongoing support with the tippers and supply of any spares required is still in place and operational.

Blade trailer with integral gen sets and hydraulics fitted

Loaded for shipping in Shanghai

Double stacked to economize on loading and shipping

All Source Supply Machinery comes with the “ Track and Trace Plate”