Client: Ingleza
Year: 2013
Key Points:

  • Source & develop a new range of toilet products
  • End-to-end development of project from the molds, fragrances, package layout and quality control
  • Supplied more than 500,000 sets in the year.

OEM Source Supply

We have a lot expertise developing new products for our clients with their own brand. Three years ago one of our clients requested our help to develop a new range of products for toilets. We have developed every single step of this project since the molds, the fragrances, the package layout and the quality control; we delivered the goods at final destination according their requirements.

As soon as our client launched in their market the new range of products, their sales reached more than expected becoming a successful and profitable project.
Every month our client increase the orders due the satisfaction of their customers, we supplied more than 500,000 sets last year.

Air freshener refill packaged and ready for putting on sale

The whole packaging, and printing, in Portuguese, was done by us in China

The air freshener package with dispenser and refill included

Professionally packaged in China, so they can distribute right to the retail trade