Client: Fingerwrench
Year: 2017-2018
Key Points:

  • 3D models enhencement through modifications to better assist with product design and alterations
  • Source a reputable plastic Injection molding manufacturer
  • Source and design exterior packaging
  • Parts required: Tooling; Rubber Straps; Packaging
  • Initial sample order of 50,000 sets


One year ago, an independent entrepreneur came to us about his patented product, THE FINGERWRENCH and the desire to have it mass produced. It was his first time sourcing overseas and there were understandable concerns about trust due to language & cultural differences, not to mention the distance between the US and China. The client had heard of our services via a satisfied customer. The turnkey project required multiple parts: plastic injection molding tooling; rubber straps; individualized packaging. With the packaging starting fresh, we help to create templates that he could use to better sell the product. As challenges arose, our team offered solutions which met his need.

OEM projects do not happen overnight and take a lot of time and dedication. They are not cookie-cutter or pre-existing products that already exist, or items that need a simple tweak. We stress communication as a bridge between buyer and supplier, keeping ‘the lines open’ so that neither side feels there is or will be a breakdown over time.

  • Implementing the use of 3D CAD modeling software to enhance and adjust product design for best manufacturing output
  • Acquiring correct plastic material matching: malleability , durability, temperature resistance.
  • Troubleshooting when tooling required slight modifications
  • Coordinating with multiple factories to balance lead times & required logistics
  • Creating sample artwork for packaging
  • Assistance with shipping and the complicated process of arranging sea to rail to warehouse.

The FINGERWRENCH will soon be hitting box stores such as Home Depot & Autozone throughout the United States.