Civicon Trucks


Client: Civicon Trucks
Year: 2013
Key Points:

  • Sourcing of Tippers for road construction
  • Arrange for Manufacture and inspection of Beiben Tippers
  • Maintain full support for 1 year after delivery

Civicon asked Source Supply to source and supply 30 Tippers.

Civicon are the leading engineering and construction company in East and Central Africa with a focus on oil & gas, power, industrial installations, transport, road & bridge and mining sectors. Civicon required 30 Tippers for their road construction for the Lake Turkana Wind Power project and chose Source Supply to help them meet their target.

In order for Civicon to complete their Lake Turkana Wind Power project, (LTWP) which was designed to supply 300MW of clean power to Kenya’s national electricity grid, road construction had to be completed first. The LTWP project was designed to use the unique wind resource in Northwest Kenya near Lake Turkana and the tippers were required to help with the road infrastructure that needed to be established.


For Source Supply to

  • Source 30 suitable Tippers
  • Supply 30 Tippers
  • Maintain full support for 1 year after delivery
  • Supply spares for the tippers for 1 complete year after delivery.

Source Supply agreed to purchase the Civicon on the RHD 6x4, 340 HP Beiben Tippers. Next Source Supply arranged:

  • Manufacture of the Beiben Tippers
  • Inspection of the Beiben Tippers
  • Delivery to the port
  • Customs clearance
  • Loading and shipping to Mombasa
  • Unloading and final inspection before handing over to Civicon
  • To ensure communication for support and sourcing spares

30 Beiben Tipper trucks delivered to Civicon to help complete the LTWP road infrastructure. Ongoing support with the tippers and supply of any spares required is still in place and operational.

30 trucks supplied to the clients exactly specifications

All keys are documented, copied and numbered for ease of control

Testing the lifting performance in the factory during manufacturing

The tipper boxes were manufactured to the exit dimensions, and specifications given by the clients and finished off in their corporate colors