Source Supply Case Studies

A Portfolio of Excellence

Each of the studies below shows a particular project that we have had significant input into.

260MT Wind Mill Crawler Crane

Client: Kenya Wind Farms
Year: 2012
Key Points:

  • Largest Crawler Crane supplied to East Africa
  • Custom fabrication of trailers for shipping of 48 MT body
  • End-to-end, fully managed project
  • Operations training of Kenyan staff

Angola Staff Camp

Client: Angola Mining Company
Year: 2010
Key Points:

  • 400 workers houses and offices
  • All internal fittings and furnishings
  • Project support and training
  • Personal hands-on management

The Residences - Leopard Beach Resort

Client: The Residences - Leopard Beach Resort
Year: 2013
Key Points:

  • Full service, managed hotel project
  • Supply of everything, from the individual mini bars, right through to the artwork found in each villa
  • Over 30 suppliers engaged

Civicon Engineering

Client: Civicon Trucks
Year: 2013
Key Points:

  • Sourcing of Tippers for road construction
  • Arrange for Manufacture and inspection of Beiben Tippers
  • Maintain full support for 1 year after delivery

Ingleza Product Development

Client: Ingleza
Key Points:

  • Source & develop a new range of toilet products
  • End-to-end development of project from the molds, fragrances, package layout and quality control
  • Supplied more than 500,000 sets in the year


Client: Kenfreight Group
Year: 2015-Ongoing
Key Points:

  • Seven 45M windmill Blade trailers
  • End to end service from sourcing, manufacture and delivery to Kinangop wind farm
  • One 15T x 6 axle trailer delivered to transport the windmills to site
  • Ongoing support with the tippers & spare Part supply.

Defense Support Camp, Mogadishu

Client: A Swedish aerospace & defense company
Year: 2010
Key Points:

  • Design and manufacture of prefabricated offices and accommodation units
  • Charter plane for transportation
  • Procurement and consolidation of furniture, air conditioners, catering equipment, solar heaters, TV’s and gym equipment
  • The construction team assembled and constructed the camp

IMA World Health organization

Client: IMA World Health organization
Year: 2012
Key Points:

  • Design & building of mobile medical health clinics
  • 4 Rooms : Waiting room, doctor’s surgery, delivery room and a drug dispensary
  • Sourcing of the equipment, furniture and appliances
  • Install solar power for running basic appliances and lights in the prefab clinics

LPG Trailers Kenya

Year: 2016
Key Points:

  • Custom design of top standard 3 axle LPG semi-trailer
  • Shipped our first trailers out of Turkey to Mombasa Port, Kenya in 14 days
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 3834-2 specifications
The trailers are the highest specification for this type of trailer running on the roads in Kenya today

Dam construction camp, Achwa Uganda

Prefabricated Houses, Achwa Uganda

Client: Civicon Uganda
Year: 2016/5/19 - 2016/5/20
Key Points:

  • Shipped all materials for camp to be constructed in Uganda for the workers of a Hydro Dam construction project in Achwa
  • Camp consists for Accommodation including Dormitories / offices and Recreational areas
  • Our scope includes delivering the 15 containers to site

Shanghai,China Fuel seals

Oryx Kenya Fuel seals

Client: Oryx Kenya
Year: 2015/1/7
Key Points:

  • Scope of work: Visual quality and quantity check, packing and marking.
  • We have signed a contract to supply one of the regions biggest fuel suppliers with seals - these are serialized and used to prevent fuel from being illegally discharged

Terrain Services Kenya Ltd

Terrain Services Kenya Ltd, Fence & Rollers

Client: Terrain Services Kenya Ltd
Year: 2016/06/04
Key Points:

  • Scope of work: Visual quality and quantity check, Packing and marking.
  • Supplied construction equipment including rollers and fencing for a project in Northern Kenya. Our scope included clearing and delivering to site.

Gas Petro Bulk, Kenya

Client: Gas Petro Bulk
Year: 2016/04/26
Key Points:

  • We have supplied all the equipment for the assembly of an edible oil storage facility in the Mombasa port, items supplied included:-
    • Welding Rodes
    • Steel Sheets
    • Valves
    • Radar Gauge
    • Pipe & Fittings
    • Mounting Flange
    • Hand Held Calibrator
    • Centrifugal Loading Pumps
  • Our scope included all third party testing of equipment, inspection, loading and shipping.
  • The facility will be the biggest in Mombasa.