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Source Supply is a Global Procurement, Logistics, Sourcing and Supply chain Management Company with 20 years of global experience. We are headquartered in Shanghai, China with regional offices in Hong Kong, Brazil, USA, Singapore, Kenya, Uganda, UAE, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Through longstanding global alliances and networks and with our core expertise in the oil, gas and construction industries we can source and supply everything from prefabricated building solutions through to marine equipment.

Ever since our inception as Source China in 2005 to our re-branding to Source Supply, we have worked in more than 50 countries supplying over 1,000 vehicles, more than 1,500 plus pre-engineered buildings, 100's of machines, countless spare parts and sent engineers and staff to over 40 countries.

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customer service, support and communications

Repeat business makes up 80% of our day-to-day work. We pride ourselves on this statistic as it demonstrates our credibility.

Some of the reasons clients return to us time and again for support are ‘we keep the clients costs low’, ‘we ease the process’ and ‘projects are delivered on time and to specification’.

Source Supply adds customer service, support and communications to the goods that we source and supply, a need that founder, Pete Toms, recognized in China’s rising market back in 2005. Sourcing and working directly with a local producer can be daunting. Source Supply provides on the ground support, easing our clients through any difficulties that they could have encountered, everything from language barriers, cultural sensitivities through to background checks and legalities and making the process as pain-free as possible.

We speak your language!

With offices and staff around the globe we speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Cantonese, Swahili, Afrikaans, Dutch and can work with most other languages. Do not hesitate to get in touch, we speak your language!

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The Source Supply Team

Pete Toms
Pete Toms

Global Managing Director

Pete Toms is an entrepreneur, Founding Member and Managing Director of Source Supply. Pete has developed the company when it traded as Source China to the current global status with a $7 Million turnover. Previously Pete had worked in Africa’s Procurement industry for 10 years.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

International Business Manager

Kevin Smith has been with Source Supply for seven years. He is the North America and USA Representative. He brings ten years of international experience to the team. Alongside his understanding of Mandarin and how business is conducted in China, he plays an essential role in assisting buyers with their sourcing needs through direct factory contact and communication. Kevin’s specialties include building supplies, OEM projects, tents (party to camping), flags/banners and various materials/canvas/tarpaulins to name just a few.

Rodrigo Casadei
Rodrigo Casadei

International Business Manager, Regional Director Latin America

Rodrigo Casadeiis Brazilian with Italian citizenship. He has been with us since 2009, working with Brazilian and Angolan clients to import products in different segments such as chemicals, plastic machinery, building materials, forklifts and earth moving equipment. Rodrigo is an International Business expert with vast export and import experience after working in Europe, U.S.A and Africa.

Paul Williamson
Paul Williamson

East Africa Regional Manager

Paul Williamson was born in East Africa – Kenya and also lived in UK where he has spent the last 12 years. He has an important network within East Africa. He has experience in sourcing, acquisition and disposal of commercial property following his previous experience in a London based commercial real estate company working on behalf of private wealth funds and institutional investors.

The experience he has gained in the sourcing, acquisition and disposal of commercial property plays an important role in the understanding of client requirements, whilst ensuring products are delivered in the most cost effective and efficient means possible.

Murray Richard Black
Murray Richard Black

Zimbabwe Regional Manager

Murray Richard Blackhas been self-employed or on contract all his working life. Since 1986 he has been predominately in Africa and in the tourism and transport industry with connections into mining and construction.

The knowledge and skills built up over the last 27 years make it easy for him to assist Source Supply clients in defining the exact items they require and assisting in the purchase.

David Church
David Church

Nigeria Regional Manager

David Church studied in the United Kingdom and graduated in International Hospitality Management. He gained valuable experience working for a number of renowned hotel groups in UK and Europe.

David’s expertise has taken him all over Africa, consulting with Business Owners, Investors, Governments and Hospitality groups, assisting them with long term strategies on various hospitality projects such as new builds, refurbishments, take over’s and marketing and management of hospitality operations throughout Africa.

Our Client Portfolio

We are privileged to work with some of the most promising companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly.
Here are a few of the amazing clients to whom we have extended our Global Procurement, Logistics, Sourcing and Supply chain Management services.